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Why American Standard + CFM?

At CFM, we're proud to partner with American Standard, a brand with over a century of industry expertise. American Standard products are not only easy to sell and service but have also earned numerous awards, a testament to our commitment to quality. Our dedicated CFM team is committed to providing you with prompt and efficient assistance, ensuring a positive experience every time you choose to work with us.

Design & Innovation:

American Standard systems are meticulously engineered, relentlessly iterated, and constantly innovated to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Duration® Compressors

  • Duration® Compressors: These compressors are built to withstand repeated stress.
  • Durable Valves: Made from Swedish steel for heat and impact resistance.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Every part of a Duration compressor is optimized for higher efficiency.
  • Integrated Protection: These compressors feature safety measures against excessive stress and pressure.
  • Larger-Shelled Compressors: These compressors have a 25% larger shell for enhanced safety and performance.

Spine Fin

  • Spine Fin: Optimized for heat transfer and constructed in one piece with fewer joints, ensuring durability.
  • Transition Joint: Ultrasonically tinned for corrosion resistance.

All-Aluminum For A Reason

  • All-Aluminum Construction: These indoor Comfort Coils are designed for years of trouble-free service and easy maintenance, thanks to all-aluminum construction.
  • Eliminating Formicary Corrosion: American Standard eliminated formicary corrosion by using aluminum in their coils.
  • Premium Paint Coating: The systems are equipped with a durable powder paint coating applied using electrostatic bonding for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Heavy Galvanized Steel Louvers: Full louvers made of heavy galvanized steel protect the coils from various elements.

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