Enphase Storage Installation Hands-On Training


May 24 2023


8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


1644 Main Ave Suite 1 Sacramento, CA 95838

Hands-on Class* Gain experience on our Enphase storage training wall. *Attendees must be set up under their company’s Enlighten account, and complete the online class: Enphase Storage Installer Certification before registering for the Hands-on class.

Class Info

Target Audience
Electricians and Lead
Installers Instructor
Jarett Skeffington,

Register online at Enphase University


All attendees need to complete the required prerequisite training, Enphase Storage Installer Certification, before registering for the hands-on training. Prerequisite training is online at Enphase University.

Once they have completed the online storage installation training rerequisite, they will be able to sign up for one of the sessions listed above at:

A refundable $350 credit card authorization will be required by Enphase to hold a spot, starting April 1, 2023. This is only an authorization, and you will not be charged unless you do not attend. The seats and availability of these sessions are limited, so Enphase does ask for at least 72 hour cancelation notice, and there is a no-show fee of $350 per person for any no shows or late cancelations.