Mitsubishi Smart Multi Installation


Apr 26 2023


8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


1644 Main Ave Suite 1 Sacramento, CA 95838

This class will introduce you to Mitsubishi’s new Smart Multi system that replaces the S Series PUMY and MXZ multi zone with branch box.

You will learn compatibility between indoor and outdoor units, the 6 step installation process, control options and basic troubleshooting. The 6 step installation process will cover wiring, addressing, refrigerant piping, proper charging and proper startup of this equipment. 

This is a certification class that will allow you to offer your commercial customers a 10 year warranty through the Mitsubishi commissioning process instead of the standard 1 year commercial warranty. 

This class is critically important for your sales, installation and service staff to assure success with this advanced product.

*Must take prerequisite class: Mitsubishi M- & P-Series Installation and Service Essentials prior to registering for this class.

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